Linnette  Rochelle

Writer & Author of Life-changing Romance

Linnette Rochelle is an author of life-changing romance and freelance writer with a BA in Psychology, and the

award-winning author of Finding Beth. She is also a full-time MA student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Linnette is a mother of four sons and two daughters-in-love, and a first-time grandmother. As a recovering

tea drinker - sweet or hot, she enjoys reading, photography, music, and South Carolina skies.

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A New Chapter...


 On December 13, 2021, I received news from my publisher that "Finding Beth" is to be removed from their publishing list and will no longer be available for purchase starting January 1, 2022. Why? My book sales have not been what they had hoped. Shortly after "Finding Beth" was released in December of 2013, my life turned inside out and upside down. I went back to school in Fall of 2015, graduated with honors Spring of 2021 with a BA in Psychology, and am now enrolled in a master's program for Clinical Counseling. In short, I have not had time to market my book the way a new author should and my sales have fallen to nearly nothing. I have also not had time to finish book two or work on any other sequels. This does not mean the end of Beth's, Tiffany's, and the other ladies' stories. It simply means my novel writing is on pause. Eventually, I will get back to writing fiction and when I do, Beth will make a re-entry with a new cover and publish under the name Linnette Rochelle. Until then, I thank all of my faithful fans who have cheered me on every step of the way. God bless you!



Linnette Graduated May 1, 2021

BA in Psychology

Summa Cum Laude

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